Placeity collaborators working with the Milngavie Business Improvement District and gift card provider, Miconex, delivered the Milngavie Gift Card in 2019, a Private Label Prepaid Mastercard.

Over 50 local and national businesses in the Milngavie BID area now accept the gift card. It is promoted through the Placeity powered website, Milngavie.co.uk, associated social media and offline communications channels.

Our team have the skills to activate the card payment machines in business premises so they can accept gift cards as payments.

We have been through the contract process set up with Miconex and have ongoing hands on experience of managing and administering gifts cards.

Following launch, ongoing promotion and marketing of the Milngavie Gift Card has proved to be a great success at a local level.

Loadthiscard.com stand at the entrance to Tesco in Milngavie, to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Miconex’s introduction in December 2020 of the LoadThisCard.com facility, enables local people to pick up a gift card and load funds onto it themselves.

We were able to secure a rack stand and popup banner at the entrance to Tesco Milngavie, when the latest lockdown was announced in December 2020.

The Christmas Eve prize draw set up by the Milngavie BID on the run up to Christmas, generated just under £4,000 worth of card sales, that locks this revenue into the local economy.

We’ve been there and done it, and are still doing it in Milngavie. Placeity collaborators can assist and advise any town or city looking to set up a gift card in association with a Placeity powered website for your town.

Miconex are a highly recommended and established organisation based in Perth, Scotland. Like Placeity, they are approved digital suppliers to Scotland’s Towns Partnership.

Miconex Logo

Tony, the contract Milngavie BID manager is also a Placeity collaborator, who has worked with 100’s of small businesses over 25 years and other Scottish BIDs since 2014.