Definition: Stakeholder (n) A person such as an employee, customer, or citizen who is involved with an organisation or society and therefore has responsibilities towards it and an interest in its success?
(Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

Key Stakeholders:

Local Authorities

At Placeity, we prefer to collaborate with a location’s Local Authority as part of a strategic alignment to showcase their best assets – its people and its businesses to the wider world.


As a fully inclusive platform and approach to a Place, we consider all types of businesses and business organisations to be stakeholders.

All high street and work from home business owners and managers.
Business Improvement Districts.
The Chamber of Commerce.
Business Gateway.
Any local enterprise agency located in a place.


All Schools and Colleges.

We aim for all Placeity.com platform sites to evolve and develop to remain relevant to future generations. As technology advances, so will the Placeity platform.


Community Councils.
Local Facebook Groups.
Churches and religious groups of all denominations.